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What is Hoarding 

 Pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition of and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment

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Why Is This Dangerous To You?

 Hoarding homes increase the risk of firefighter disorientation emergencies while exposing the firefighters to a increased workload created by the collection of belongings.

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Great footage from Statter911.com of a three alarm fire in PG county Maryland that was complicated by Hoarding Conditions. This is a great reminder that Heavy Content conditions can be found in any occupancy. It is common to find these conditions in multi-family dwellings. The case study from 200 Wellesly Ave in Toronto is a HUGE reminder of Hoarding in a High Rise occupancy.

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January 19. 2015

Hoarder Firefighting: 5 Things We Need To Know

Hoarding has been becoming a growing concern in our communities. How does this affect us firefighters? What does it matter? Well, on this episode, I talk with Ryan Pennington, who has done a ton of research on the subject, and he tells us all about hoarding and how it affects us as firefighters and what we really need to know. So many issues arise from hoarder fires and our tactics need to be adjusted because of the different dangers. Get educated on them so you or your crews don’t get hurt. This is something that can happen in any district.

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