Hoarder Fire Survey Results

 Here are the results of the recent Hoarder fire survey sent out by the Chamber of Hoarders Staff.  Huge “thank you” to the USFA for sharing survey with the fire service community.  The response was overwhelming.

1.       Have you ever responded to a fire with Hoarder Conditions:

Yes: 100%             No   0.00%

2.       How long did it take you to realize that you were facing a hoarder house fire:

Minute: 52.4%               5 Minutes: 35.4                 Start of Overhaul: 11.0%               After Fire:2.4%

3.       Were their occupants trapped:

Yes: 11.0%           No: 89.0%

4.       Did you crew communicate to the incident commanders that they had Hoarder Conditions?

Yes: 39.0%           No: 43.9%            Not Sure: 13.4%                Didn’t Hear: 3.7%

5.       How many personnel did you have on the scene of the Hoarder Home:

5-10: 11.0%   10-20: 52.4%    20-30: 3.7%  30-40: 3.7%         50 or more:1.2%

More than normal: 6.1%

6.       How long did it take to overhaul after the fire was under control?

Longer than normal: 43.9%          10-15 Minutes: 1.2%       30-50 Minutes:  14.6%

60-90 Minutes: 14.6%                     2 Hours or More: 28.0%

7.       Was structure demolition required to extinguish the fire?

Yes: 13.6              No: 86.4%

8.       Would your department benefit from a Hoarder Training Program?

Yes: 79.3%           No: 22.0%

The numbers do not lie that we are all seeing fires in hoarder conditions.   The last two questions are coming soon.  They contained short answer questions and the responses were great.  Stay tuned in to the chamber to see the exciting answers.

 Thank you to all who took part in this survey!

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Friday, 01 March 2024
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