Hello my name is Ryan Pennington a Firefighter Paramedic from Charleston West Virginia. I am here because I feel passionate about protecting firefighters from the dangerous fire conditions created by Compulsive Hoarding Disorder sufferers

Two years ago my home Fire Department was called to two fires that displayed classic-hoarding conditions. Tragically one of these fires ended in a fatality. I also have a family member who is affected by this disorder, and I can understand on a more personal level the challenges firefighters face when dealing with these conditions.

When I first started researching heavy content fires I was shocked to learn that the fire service had not published any literature on the unique tactical skills needed when tackling these fires. There seemed to be a lack of awareness about the changes, which need to be made to keep firefighters safe in these volatile environments. There is a gap in research into fire dynamics, commonality of things collected, and the impact that the weight of accumulated belongings has on the actual structure of the building

This motivated me to do more. I began learning lessons from fire departments all around the world taking information gathered from case studies, interviews, and various fire publications. I started the Chamber of Hoarders website which includes a recorded online learning platform specializing in Compulsive Hoarding Disorder. My objective is to raise awareness and teach the tactical skills required to enable firefighters to deal with overwhelming amounts of personal belongings and help them return home safely.

In addition to my online class I have developed a four – hour structured in – house class that identifies hoarding conditions, identifies specialized tactical skills and practical advise to firefighters on how to attack these fires in a safer manner. I am teaching this class all over North America in the hope I can get my message across. It has not been an easy journey, however I am excited to say that firefighters all over are now hearing the message and increasing their understanding of this complex situation.

I would like the opportunity to help YOUR department to make sound decisions and bring everyone home safe.

It all starts with clicking the link to sign up for the email list and updates from the chamber of hoarders website. It is completely FREE to sign up and your contact information will not be shared with anyone.

If you are interested in accessing the online learning center click the link here to see what’s included
Additionally If you would like to know more about having the class presented to your department personally just email jumpseatviews@icloud.com to request an information packet and a white paper on responding to Hoarding, a first responder perspective.





Why is it important for firefighters to receive education on Hoarding Fires???




  • The number of Compulsive Hoarders in growing
  • Hoarding disorder crosses all ages, races, and locations
  • Fire departments are facing these fires on a weekly basis
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